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16th June 2013

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Prompt: A bully uses one of Blaine’s triggers against him

TW: Assault, PTSD

Blaine suffered from PTSD in the wake of Sadie Hawkins. While most of the worst of it has passed, Blaine suffers from one or more triggers that can cause him to have panic attacks. One of them is a semi-common word or phrase, which Kurt accidentally discovers while they’re dating. One minute he and Blaine are having a conversation, the next, Blaine is screaming and hyperventilating. Kurt obviously promises never to use those words again, and life goes on as normal.

But later, someone less honorable discovers Blaine’s trigger. It could be virtually anyone; a bully at McKinley, a jealous student at NYADA, even Adam. They then shout Blaine’s trigger at him in the middle of a performance. Whether Blaine manages to fight through it or has a full-blown panic attack is up to filler.

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